Thanks to all who voted to elect a general member and their alternate who will represent you on the Open Identity Exchange UK | Europe Board of Directors. This year at the suggestions of members, we tested the single transferable vote / instant-runoff system to see if it was an improvement to the first-past-the-post approach we’ve used previously. The single transferrable vote is arguably a much more representative and inclusive voting system as it gives voters more choice. This puts more power in the hands of voters. Some would say that an elected representative under STV is much more accountable to ‘the electorate’.

I am pleased to announce the election of Frank Joshi as the 2019 General Member Representative on the OIX UK | Europe Board and Executive Committee.

Frank joins a Board noted for its thought leadership in digital transformation across industries. He has over 28 years’ experience in building and leading successful technology companies and “would like to see the UK chapter gain a greater voice in the mainstream of the IT sector and other core sectors in areas where the importance of interoperability and digital identity is least understood.”

Frank will demonstrate his commitment to the work of the chapter through participation that will build the unique contribution OIX can make to UK markets, as well as maintaining its reputation for openness and expertise. We will also need to work together in a flexible and friendly way as we navigate the repercussions of the Brexit process – whichever way they unfold.”

Rob Laurence who has held the post for the past 12 months received the second highest number of votes and will now act as the general membership’s Alternate Representative Rob’s commitment to OIX has been demonstrated by contributing as a white paper author and moderator at workshops, as well as having coordinated many OIX discovery and alpha projects. Both appointments are for one year and require a substantial investment of time and energy.

I would also like to thank Steve Pannifer, who has for the past year acted as the general membership’s Alternate Representative and who put himself forward as a candidate once again this year, alongside John Harrison. I am grateful to the time and effort they both put into this process. Their leadership as members will continue to shape the direction of OIX UK | Europe and benefit all involved.

Please join me in thanking all the candidates for their service to Open Identity Exchange UK | Europe.

Don Thibeau
Chairman Open Identity Exchange