I wanted to update you a really positive change to the OIX governance policy made by the OIX Board.

Firstly, we were concerned that general members were under-represented on the OIX board. To date, representation of the OIX general members on the OIX board has been through a single elected member who had a single vote to represent all general members.

To increase general member representation, it was resolved that, going forward, there will be three board members elected from the general membership, each with a separate vote.

In order to avoid another election process at this time the board also resolved to invite all those who stood for election to the 2020 general membership position to take a seat on the board for 2020. New elections for the three general membership seats will take place in January 2021.

Accordingly, I’d like to welcome Tatiana Cogevina and Frank Joshi to the OIX board. Alongside Jim Lound, they will represent the OIX general membership on the OIX board. Each general member has been allocated a specific representative to be their contact point to the board.

I hope you will welcome this change, which will mean a broader OIX board representing a more diverse set of members. Please join me in congratulating our new board members on their positions.

Many thanks, Nick

Nick Mothershaw

Chair and Chief Executive

Open Identity Exchange